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Linda Mullins

DFW Alliance of Technology and Women COO Inspired Leadership Group
Executive Director
Linda Mullins is the Executive Director of DFW Alliance of Women in Technology and an entrepreneur.   She brings a rich background of 25 plus years in progressive leadership roles for both Fortune 200 ranked and Inc. 50 ranked companies in the male-dominated automotive space as well the founder and operator of two start-ups in the wellness arena.  As an overcomer in business and life, navigating tumultuous waters and emerging resilient comes second nature to her.   She launched her first start-up in the burgeoning integrative wellness space in 2007 where her company experienced great success from concept to high growth during her 7 - year tenure.  Her passion lies in empowering executives to become their best selves through short-term, integrative wellness retreats with a focus on equipping women to overcome their past, realize their true value and help pave the way to reach their full potential.