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Wednesday, April 14


A Management Plane for Service Meshes
Data plane, control plane, and a… management plane? What is a management plane and how is it different than a control plane?

Learn how Meshery, an open source, multi-service mesh management plane is advancing the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) specification. See 6 service meshes in-action:
  • Istio
  • Linkerd
  • Consul
  • Octarine
  • Network Service Mesh
  • Citrix CPX
...as Meshery provisions each of these service meshes, their sample applications and benchmarks the performance of service mesh deployments. Meshery facilitates benchmarking various configuration scenarios of each service mesh, comparison of performance of services (applications) on and off the mesh and across different meshes.

Understand the caveats of onboarding your applications onto a service mesh as Meshery vets mesh and services configuration against deployment best practices.

Benefits to the Ecosystem:
Many audience members are challenged in their attempts to understand the difference between service mesh architectures (i.e. data plane, control plane, management plane).
This talk is an opportunity for people to see more service meshes demonstrated back-to-back than has ever been presented before.

Using Meshery, demonstrations will be done in the context of the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) specification, which is a project that most people do not have an understanding of and will benefit from demonstrations of this specification in-action.

avatar for Lee Calcote

Lee Calcote

Head of Technology Strategy, SolarWinds
Lee Calcote is the Head of Technology Strategy at Solarwinds, where he stewards strategy and innovation across the business. Previously, Calcote led software-defined data center engineering at Seagate, up-leveling the systems portfolio by delivering new predictive analytics, telemetric... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


Setting the Stage for Cultural adoption of Observability into your DevOps Ecosystem
Wherever you are on the journey of your DevOps transformation, ensure the best customer outcomes by including the role of a SRE and the cultural adoption of Observability concept into your DevOps ecosystem. During this session, you’ll hear best practices and real customer stories of improving their DevOps and Observability practices.


John Kiefer

Enterprise DevOps & Observability Practice Manager, Mobius Solutions

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


SRE and DevOps in the Trenches. Lessons Learned From Running with a DevOps and SRE Culture at Scale.
Come find out the lessons learned and what does and does not work when running a whole line of business using SRE and DevOps practices in the cloud.

avatar for Amit Pandey

Amit Pandey

Director, SRE LOB Lead, Capital One
Amit Pandey has been with Capital One for 8+ years. He has spent the last 3.5 years helping lead Site Reliability Engineering.Amit is passionate about all things Observability and Reliability to provide a coherent service platform for developers to iterate faster, safely, and at... Read More →
avatar for Mark Andersen

Mark Andersen

Sr. Director, Cloud LOB Lead, Capital One
Mark Andersen has spent the last 2.5 years at Capital One Auto Finance helping lead the DevOps and Cloud charge. Mark is passionate about changing the development model and helping agile pods delivering faster and more secure.

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


What is Automation? It Depends on Who You Are.
Automation must be the most overloaded term in use, and it’s used across the enterprise no matter your role in today’s digital world. Are you a business owner? You want to automate repeatable aspects of the business process to improve productivity and improve agility. A leader? You’re looking for automation to do more with less and reduce the possibility of human error. Technologists look to automation to speed up various operational tasks, and consumers expect new products and services relevant to them to magically (automatically) appear on the device of their choice. The list goes on and on. Thus, the term automation implies different things to different people, depending on their roles and responsibilities in the enterprise. Join us as we pare down this term and align it with the unique characteristics of different enterprise domains.

avatar for E.G. Nadhan

E.G. Nadhan

Chief Architect and Strategist, North America Commercial, Red Hat
E.G. Nadhan is the Chief Architect and Strategist for North America at Red Hat. He provides thought leadership on various concepts including Cloud, Blockchain, Analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) through multiple channels including industry conferences, Executive Round tables... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA
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