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Wednesday, April 14


ABTP Leadership Roundtable - Talent Pool Strategies for the Digital Age
What do IT leaders need to do to reskill their organizations talents to be successful in the digital economy?

avatar for Daniel Baskind

Daniel Baskind

Vice President, Saxony Partners
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Mike Rochelle

Founder / Chief Learning Officer, Mike Rochelle and Associates, LLC.
Mike RochellePresident, Association for Business Technology ProfessionalsAdjunct DBU Professor, Leadership & ProdDevOps, MSITM Program at Dallas Baptist UniversityChief Learning Officer, Mike Rochelle and AssociatesOver the past 30 years, He has been a Divisional CIO for a Global... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


A Management Plane for Service Meshes
Data plane, control plane, and a… management plane? What is a management plane and how is it different than a control plane?

Learn how Meshery, an open source, multi-service mesh management plane is advancing the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) specification. See 6 service meshes in-action:
  • Istio
  • Linkerd
  • Consul
  • Octarine
  • Network Service Mesh
  • Citrix CPX
...as Meshery provisions each of these service meshes, their sample applications and benchmarks the performance of service mesh deployments. Meshery facilitates benchmarking various configuration scenarios of each service mesh, comparison of performance of services (applications) on and off the mesh and across different meshes.

Understand the caveats of onboarding your applications onto a service mesh as Meshery vets mesh and services configuration against deployment best practices.

Benefits to the Ecosystem:
Many audience members are challenged in their attempts to understand the difference between service mesh architectures (i.e. data plane, control plane, management plane).
This talk is an opportunity for people to see more service meshes demonstrated back-to-back than has ever been presented before.

Using Meshery, demonstrations will be done in the context of the Service Mesh Interface (SMI) specification, which is a project that most people do not have an understanding of and will benefit from demonstrations of this specification in-action.

avatar for Lee Calcote

Lee Calcote

Head of Technology Strategy, SolarWinds
Lee Calcote is the Head of Technology Strategy at Solarwinds, where he stewards strategy and innovation across the business. Previously, Calcote led software-defined data center engineering at Seagate, up-leveling the systems portfolio by delivering new predictive analytics, telemetric... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


Setting the Stage for Cultural adoption of Observability into your DevOps Ecosystem
Wherever you are on the journey of your DevOps transformation, ensure the best customer outcomes by including the role of a SRE and the cultural adoption of Observability concept into your DevOps ecosystem. During this session, you’ll hear best practices and real customer stories of improving their DevOps and Observability practices.


John Kiefer

Enterprise DevOps & Observability Practice Manager, Mobius Solutions

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


SRE and DevOps in the Trenches. Lessons Learned From Running with a DevOps and SRE Culture at Scale.
Come find out the lessons learned and what does and does not work when running a whole line of business using SRE and DevOps practices in the cloud.

avatar for Amit Pandey

Amit Pandey

Director, SRE LOB Lead, Capital One
Amit Pandey has been with Capital One for 8+ years. He has spent the last 3.5 years helping lead Site Reliability Engineering.Amit is passionate about all things Observability and Reliability to provide a coherent service platform for developers to iterate faster, safely, and at... Read More →
avatar for Mark Andersen

Mark Andersen

Sr. Director, Cloud LOB Lead, Capital One
Mark Andersen has spent the last 2.5 years at Capital One Auto Finance helping lead the DevOps and Cloud charge. Mark is passionate about changing the development model and helping agile pods delivering faster and more secure.

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


What is Automation? It Depends on Who You Are.
Automation must be the most overloaded term in use, and it’s used across the enterprise no matter your role in today’s digital world. Are you a business owner? You want to automate repeatable aspects of the business process to improve productivity and improve agility. A leader? You’re looking for automation to do more with less and reduce the possibility of human error. Technologists look to automation to speed up various operational tasks, and consumers expect new products and services relevant to them to magically (automatically) appear on the device of their choice. The list goes on and on. Thus, the term automation implies different things to different people, depending on their roles and responsibilities in the enterprise. Join us as we pare down this term and align it with the unique characteristics of different enterprise domains.

avatar for E.G. Nadhan

E.G. Nadhan

Chief Architect and Strategist, North America Commercial, Red Hat
E.G. Nadhan is the Chief Architect and Strategist for North America at Red Hat. He provides thought leadership on various concepts including Cloud, Blockchain, Analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) through multiple channels including industry conferences, Executive Round tables... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


Esports Masters- Leading Global Enterprise Innovation in Dallas
Dallas is leading the nation in enterprise Esports initiatives, making a mark on global partnerships, professional esports teams and technological innovation. Learn from internationally recognized Esports leaders about the global impact Dallas has on the multi-billion dollar industry. They’ll share insights on adopting Esports in corporate, educational and enterprise institutions, how Dallas is leading in esports innovation and corporate partnerships and the future of Esports in tech.

avatar for Nancy Coblenz

Nancy Coblenz

Senior Vice President, nFLXn Consulting Services
Nancy Coblenz is the Senior Vice President of nFLXn Consulting Services where she’s making a positive impact within private equity and the community of young women forging their pathway to success through STEM and building a substantial movement for women gaining business and job... Read More →
avatar for Joe Clemko, ESQ.

Joe Clemko, ESQ.

Associate, Stinson LLP
Joe Clemoko ESQ. combines his work experience with his legal and business education to focus on counseling businesses, startups, entrepreneurs and investors, including private equity fund formation and capital raising. Over the past few years, his practice has centered on emerging... Read More →
avatar for Chris Chaney

Chris Chaney

Managing Director, EVL Interactive
Chris Chaney’s leadership experience is underlined by a 15-year track record of success in the global sports and entertainment industry. A native of Germany, Chris is an award-winning serial entrepreneur (Forbes 30 Under 30, among others), angel investor and early stage start-up... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Cooley

Andrew Cooley

CEO, Esports Performance Academy
Andrew Cooley’s background includes over 15 years in multiple levels of esports, ranging from: competing at a pro/semi-pro level, coaching, player management, and esports business management. Prior to co-founding Esports Performance Academy (EPA), he also founded State of Mind Gaming... Read More →
avatar for Daniel Herz

Daniel Herz

CRO, Mission Control
Daniel Herz is currently the Chief Revenue Officer for Mission Control and formally the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Vice President at Complexity Gaming, one of America’s most elite and longest standing esports organizations, which is now owned by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys... Read More →
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Dr. Marc Williams

CEO, Williams Communications
Over the past 25 years, Dr. Marc Williams has been widely as a Sports Marketing Pioneer and worked with three of the largest Sports Brands in the world: Champs Sports, Footaction and Reebok—and helped CHAMPS SPORTS become a $1 billion brand.•He is the co-founder of one of the... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


Future Tech Trends That Will Impact Your Business
In this talk, David Smith will explore major trends that will impact your business for the next few years. The trends will impact almost every business and will David will offer some suggestions and review options for surviving the impact of these trends. If you misapply some of the trends many businesses will be out of business in the next ten years.

  • Technology trends that will impact almost every businessData is the central business asset
  • What is blockchain and when will 5G impact my business
  • Why I need AI
  • Your legacy analytic software WILL fail in the Age of Data
  • Crisis of software that scales to meet demand
  • If you company only has one type of database your company needs to rethink your strategy

avatar for David Smith

David Smith

CTO, Economic Transformation Technologies/ETT
A noted business leader, futurist and technologist with over 30 years of experience, Mr. Smith combines these disciplines to deliver thought-provoking presentations that provide the vision of the future with the down-to-earth judgment of the technology. He is highly regarded as a... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


RPA and AI: Defining Your 2020 Plans
avatar for Shouvik Bhattacharyya

Shouvik Bhattacharyya

B12 Consulting
Shouvik Bhattacharyya has presented in Innotech and international conferences on Leadership, Business Strategy and Robotic Process Automation.He leads Innovation@B12, and has been a CEO of Public and Private companies. Shouvik was a Sloan Fellow at MIT.

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA



All About Penetration Testing
Picture this: you go to sleep at night knowing you locked all the doors to your house. You haven't checked the windows in a while, but they should all be locked, right? Now apply that to your business network. You have the important things covered but you haven't checked the other, smaller ways attackers can gain access to your information. That's what penetration testing is for. Discover unnoticed security risks before it's too late. In this presentation, Donovan Farrow will cover penetration testing, why you should be doing it, and provide case studies.

avatar for Alias


Principal Security Engineer, Alias
Principal Security Engineer at Alias and provides expert knowledge on network and security architectures while leading penetration testing, IT auditing, incident response, security consulting, and more. Lemon possesses more than 15 years of experience in the cybersecurity field. CERTIFICATIONS... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


Digital Extortion & Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2020
This session provides insight from Trend Micro Research on the current threat landscape and integrating a multi layered security approach across your enterprise. Digital extortion has increasingly become cybercriminals’ first and foremost money-making modus operandi. It’s mostly due to ransomware — cybercriminals’ currently most popular weapon of choice, helping them in extorting cash from users all over the world and in hitting big businesses and organizations.

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


Lessons from the Front Line: Real-World Incident Response
As cyber incidents become more prevalent and more destructive, how an organization responds can make the difference between success and failure. This session will focus on lessons learned from the front lines of incident response. While it is well known that you should have an incident response plan and test it regularly, we will discuss best practices learned from actual incident responses that can save your organization time and money, and perhaps save the organization itself.

avatar for Roy E. Hadley, Jr.

Roy E. Hadley, Jr.

Special Counsel, Adam and Reese, LLP
Recognizing that companies, governments and their leadership face increasing exposures, liabilities and risks associated with cybersecurity, Roy serves as independent counsel to government officials, municipalities, corporate boards, and board committees on cyber matters, helping... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA


Stop Accepting Risk – A Cybersecurity Discussion
Today’s “cyber-reality” is daunting. It is cheaper than ever to launch an attack. It is easierto monetize with cryptocurrency. Attackers are faster to exploit vulnerabilities. The result: organizations in all sectors are seeing a huge increase in the number of cyber attacks. The recommendation: stop accepting risk by changing the mindset of how to run cybersecurity operations. This is valid across any vertical and any organization! Dive into this presentation to see the analytics model behind reducing risk AND securing your environment.

avatar for Mitchem Boles

Mitchem Boles

Sr Security Architect, CRITICALSTART
Mitchem Boles has over a decade of experience in creating Information Security teams and programs in highly regulated environments. Mitchem most recently led all Cybersecurity operations for a large group of hospitals and clinics in Texas. He also has worked in the Managed Security... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 TBA

8:30am CDT

Exhibits Open - Inside Exhibit Hall B, First Floor
Over 50 technology demos and exhibitors on display all day.   This is where you grab coffee, eat lunch, enjoy the reception and win door prizes.  This is the place to be.  

Wednesday April 14, 2021 8:30am - 4:00pm CDT

9:00am CDT

Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise – Data-Driven Best Practices
This part is where the magic happens (or it all fails miserably)  Enterprises aspire to maximize their return on investment from data, and to quickly take advantage of the latest innovations in analytics, mobility, cloud, and AI/machine learning. Yet too many organizations struggle with disparate data systems, inconsistent data, closed architectures, and tools that only empower a fraction of the workforce. In this peer-driven discussion, discover:
  • How to empower individuals and teams with access to those tools, while establishing a single version of truth
  • Speed of innovation is enhanced by the right frictionless governance and security
  • How zero-trust designs allow the employee more freedom, more creativity, less friction with IT, rules and ‘no’
  • What are leaders and CDO’s doing to embrace these challenges and transform their businesses
  • How to apply the right tools and structure to balance counteractive forces, such as agility vs. governance

avatar for Rusty Kennington

Rusty Kennington

CIO, Corsicana Mattress Company
Rusty Kennington is a technology executive with a career spanning more than 25 years and multiple industries. He has worked in Fortune 500, private, and startup organizations. He has been responsible for global technology teams spanning North and South America, Europe and Asia.Rusty... Read More →
avatar for Maggie Thomason

Maggie Thomason

Head of Global Operations Analytics and Information Management, Citi
As Head of Operations Global Standards and Analytics, Maggie is responsible for providing critical Analytics, Standardization of Process Metrics and state of the art Site and Workforce Management that enable Transformation to all Lines of Business and Regions within Citi’s Global... Read More →
avatar for Bob Kerr

Bob Kerr

Director, IS Operations, Populus Financial Group
As Director IS Operations & Service Management for the Populus Financial Group, Bob leads IS operations encompassing the NOC, Release Management, Change Management, implementation of an ITIL framework and implementation and expansion of the ManageEngine IT management suite.  Populus... Read More →
avatar for W. Daniel Garretson, Ph.D.

W. Daniel Garretson, Ph.D.

Principal, Concentre, LLE
Dan Garretson is a digital transformation leader with a passion for technology enabled business and society. Dan focuses in particular on the effective use of data & analytics to capture insights, support effective decision making, and drive high-impact outcomes for organizations.Before... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 9:00am - 9:45am CDT
Room 1, Third Floor

9:00am CDT

Crackin’ The Courage Code
All women need is courage to unleash the brilliance that lies within us. There is a courageous code that must be programmed in order to move the mission forward in our communities, corporations and within our little girls.

avatar for Danyel Surrency Jones

Danyel Surrency Jones

Co-Founder & CEO, POWERHANDZ, Inc
Danyel Surrency Jones is a proclaimed “Vision Chaser”, creative strategist and philanthropist, with nearly two decades of executive leadership and sales & marketing experience. She is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of POWERHANDZ Inc., a global designer of innovative products that focuses on human performance, injury recovery and injury prevention in Athletic Training and Rehabilitation markets. In 4 years, its core athletic training products have been sold to consumers in >81 countries, established a digital... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 9:00am - 9:45am CDT
Junior Ballroom A, Third Floor

10:30am CDT

Building a Culture of Innovation…An Executive Discussion on Strategy and Execution
avatar for Mike Santimaw

Mike Santimaw

SVP, Chief Information Officer, Mode Global
avatar for Jodie Brinkerhoff

Jodie Brinkerhoff

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), Vice President, Innovation
Jodie Brinkerhoff is Vice President of Innovation at DFW Airport and leads the Innovation team’s efforts to investigate, ideate, incubate and implement new products and solutions for the airport. Her team works across the enterprise, partnering with core business units and bringing... Read More →
avatar for Michael A. Carr

Michael A. Carr

Vice President of M&A, Strategy, and Innovation, Darling Ingredients Inc.
avatar for Andrew C. Jackson

Andrew C. Jackson

President, BravoTECH
Andrew Jackson has spent the last 30 years building and managing technical service companies. In 1996, he co-founded Bravo Technical Resources, Inc. (BravoTECH) an information technology professional services firm headquartered in Dallas. BravoTECH has experienced award winning growth... Read More →
avatar for Paul Langenbahn

Paul Langenbahn

President, Quorum Software
Paul Langenbahn is Executive Vice President and President, NCR Commerce. As the leader for the NCR Commerce business unit, Paul is responsible for all Retail and Hospitality customers and directs NCR’s teams and resources serving those customers across all functions of the business... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 10:30am - 11:15am CDT
Room 1, Third Floor

10:30am CDT

Transforming Data into Dollars in a Mobility as a Service Ecosystem
Cars changed the world. Now the world is changing cars. The new mobility ecosystem is service-led and about extracting value and money from data. 
A key opportunity in the automotive industry is Mobility as a Service (MaaS), where mobility companies offer businesses and individuals the ability to buy mobility services tailored to their needs for a monthly fee. The S-Curve for MaaS is coming, and readiness must be achieved by 2025. While having a technology strategy is important, understanding how to monetize data will be key to the future success of MaaS.
The fireside chat will cover:
  • The radical shift in the automotive industry today, including the S-Curve 2025 projection for MaaS.
  • What revenue stream possibilities look like for various stakeholders including dealers, automotive companies, retail and financial services company.
  • How to prepare and strategize for short- and long-term MaaS revenue. This will cover the following questions:
    • How do we monetize data?
    • Where is the route to money in the services world?
    • As an early MaaS adopter, how do you generate revenue in the short term?
    • Where are there tipping points in revenue streams to start reaping a return on the investment?
  • Examples of how Fujitsu is making moves in the MaaS space with its partners and customers.

avatar for Laura Ryan

Laura Ryan

Former Chief Executive Officer, Purdy Motor Group
Most recently Laura Ryan lead Purdy Mobility as Chief Executive Officer. Purdy Motor Group is Costa Rica’s exclusive Distributor for Toyota, Lexus, Hino, Ford and VW with operations in the U.S. including three franchised dealerships and the recently launched subscription-based mobility... Read More →
avatar for Greta Cutulenco

Greta Cutulenco

CEO, Acerta Analytics Solutions
With a background in automated data analysis for testing and anomaly detection, Greta Cutulenco has worked on system testing, monitoring, and analysis for major OEMs and Tier1s, including Bombardier and Magna. In 2018, Greta won the Female Founders Competition, sponsored by Microsoft... Read More →
avatar for DJ Rodriguez

DJ Rodriguez

Senior Client Engagement Partner, Fujitsu Americas
DJ Rodriguez is a Senior Client Engagement Partner with Fujitsu Americas responsible for the Global account strategy and leadership for one of Fujitsu’s most strategic accounts in the Automotive Industry.  His efforts and insight into the future of mobility services has resulted... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 10:30am - 11:20am CDT
Junior Ballroom A, Third Floor

11:30am CDT

AI Success Takes Real Internal Disruption First - Keynote Luncheon
One of biggest challenges in the software/tech industry is education on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. Many companies have done more harm than good by pushing the hype and flash of intelligent technologies, peddling symbolism over substance and ultimately overpromising and underdelivering on their commitments. As the market leader for applied intelligence, Hypergiant aims to change the conversation by helping teams understand the history and pragmatic application of intelligent technologies as they pertain to real business challenges and objectives. Fremont will lead a relevant, engaging and eye-opening session exploring AI from the perspective of Greek mythology to present-day realities. By illuminating the real-world application of the mathematics and data science behind the tapestry of technologies that is AI, your team will walk away with a better understanding of how they relate to the future of your business.

avatar for John Frémont

John Frémont

Co-Founder & Chief AI Officer, Hypergiant
Frémont is an entrepreneur, technology philosopher, influencer, and business strategist. He is the co-founder and Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at Hypergiant Industries. Previously he was a Managing Director and the Artificial Intelligence Lead for Accenture and the Global... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 11:30am - 12:55pm CDT
Exhibit Hall A, First Floor

1:00pm CDT

Creating a Frictionless Customer Experience Through Technology
As emerging technologies like AI reshape the digital landscape, businesses are exploring new ways to create smart, engaging and frictionless digital customer experiences. Hear about “real” success stories versus hype-trend during this interactive discussion from peers innovating around new developments in this world.  
  • What investments are being made now for a frictionless environment?
  • Early success stories in digitally enhancing the customer experience
  • Benefits of connecting your enterprise to the customer (internal and external)

avatar for Amy Czuchlewski

Amy Czuchlewski

Senior Vice President of Technology, Bottle Rocket
When she’s not rallying the next generation of women developers through after-school and weekend outreach, Amy Czuchlewski is Bottle Rocket’s Senior Vice President of Technology. With a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and years of experience as a... Read More →
avatar for Kim Morris

Kim Morris

Vice President of Information Technology, CECO Enviromental
avatar for Chris Boult

Chris Boult

CIO, CEC Entertainment, Inc.
Chris currently holds the position of Executive Vice President, and Chief Information Officer at CEC Entertainment. An accomplished technology leader with more than 20 years of international experience, he has a passion for driving business innovation and organizational excellence... Read More →
avatar for Kevin Christ

Kevin Christ

Partner, Concentre
Kevin Christ, CMC, has spent most of his career driving complex IT-enabled transformations for large and medium scale organizations. Kevin, based in Dallas, is a Partner with the Concentre, a boutique consultancy focused on digital and IT strategy and business transformation in complex... Read More →
avatar for Neenu Kainth

Neenu Kainth

Chief Digital Officer, Mr. Cooper Group
Neenu Kainth serves as Chief Digital Officer for Mr. Cooper Group and is responsible for thedevelopment of the company’s customer experience roadmap as well as product and digital offeringsincluding the customer-facing voice, website and mobile applications.Neenu joined the company... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 1:00pm - 1:45pm CDT
Room 1, Third Floor

1:00pm CDT

Extinguishing Burnout: Managing the Wellness of Your Organization and Yourself
How are you managing the health and engagement level of your most valuable asset – your teams and yourself? Are you one of the companies keeping your employee engagement high and attrition low?
Employee burnout and Executive Burnout are a hot hot topic in tech as the World Health Organization identified burnout related to work stress as a diagnosis code in 2019. This dynamic panel of subject matter experts in wellness will bring a holistic perspective to the mental, emotional and physical impacts on our health and how to elevate our health and our effectiveness at home and the workplace.

Join us for an enlightening discussion on Extinguishing Burnout: Managing the Wellness of Your Organization and Yourself . The panel will include thought leaders in prevention not just treatment from the perspectives of Functional Medicine, Mental Wellness and a forward-thinking MarTech company that is getting it right. Garner valuable insights and practical tools from experts in the wellness field and an award-winning organization with an employee-centric culture and benefits that are designed to promote the mental, emotional and physical wellness of their employees. You’ll leave this session better equipped to mitigate stress and burnout for you and your teams.

avatar for Laura DeFina, MD

Laura DeFina, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer, The Cooper Institute
Laura DeFina, MD has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Cooper Institute since 2014. She joined The Cooper Institute Research Division in 2009 and has served as Chief Science Officer since 2013, where she has authored manuscripts on a variety of prevention topics... Read More →
avatar for Linda Mullins

Linda Mullins

Executive Director, DFW Alliance of Technology and Women COO Inspired Leadership Group
Linda Mullins is the Executive Director of DFW Alliance of Women in Technology and an entrepreneur.   She brings a rich background of 25 plus years in progressive leadership roles for both Fortune 200 ranked and Inc. 50 ranked companies in the male-dominated automotive space as well... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Jennifer Kessmann

Dr. Jennifer Kessmann

Dr. Kessmann is a Functional Medicine Physician passionate about finding solutions to improve health and well being.  Currently she is practicing Functional Concierge Medicine with her companies Kessmann Clinics and Kessmann Functional Medicine.  Graduating Magna Cum Laude from... Read More →
avatar for Kandi Gongora

Kandi Gongora

VP People & Organizational Development, Goodway Group
Kandi Gongora is the Vice President of People and Organizational Excellence at Goodway Group, where she leads people experience, center of excellence, strategic and organizational development. Kandi is focused on the employee experience and the human aspect of work, spearheading initiatives... Read More →
avatar for Dr. Lawana Gladney

Dr. Lawana Gladney

Dr. Lawana Gladney, PhD, speaker, trainer, author, and media personality is the premiere emotional wellness doctor.  Her PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology focuses on emotional wellness and the science of the mind. This degree not only focuses on human behavior, but how... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 1:00pm - 1:45pm CDT
Junior Ballroom A, Third Floor

2:00pm CDT

State of the Art Cloud Security
As organizations increasingly turn to cloud-based services, security leaders face the immense challenge of ensuring the enterprise’s data remains secure and compliant. Join this interactive panel to hear about emerging best practices your peers employ to secure their extended network in the cloud.
This executive panel will discuss:

-Benefits of Automation, orchestration, AI and machine learning strategies
-What are differences for on and off premise hybrid or multi-cloud systems
-How do teams transition from legacy security approaches to modern deployment technologies in cloud environments
-Ways to incorporate security into your cloud strategy - Adding the Sec into DevSecOps

avatar for Robert Neill

Robert Neill

Chief Information Officer, Weaver
Robert Neill is currently the Chief Information Officer at Weaver, a national public accounting and advisory firm. Prior to moving into the CIO role, he served as director of the CIO Advisory Services practice area at Weaver where he led the firm’s services focused on providing... Read More →
avatar for Pat Benoit

Pat Benoit

Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Brinks Company
Patrick is the Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Brinks Company. He was formerly the Global Head of Cyber Governance, Risk, and Compliance / Business Information Security Officer for CBRE and the Deputy CISO for Cheetah Digital. He has been an Executive Business... Read More →
avatar for Tom Sweet

Tom Sweet

Chief Information Officer, Industrial Refrigeration Pros
Tom Sweet is passionate about digital transformation, DevOps, Cloud, leadership and attacking the talent shortage head-on by reskilling and investing in his teams.Tom is responsible several teams at GM Financial, where he leads approximately 120 software developers and QA analysts supporting loan servicing and originations systems, ERP, and internal applications. Prior to GM Financial, Tom worked at Travelport and Maptek, leading global teams at both companies. He has also worked at Microsoft in the... Read More →
avatar for Greg Ericson

Greg Ericson

CIO, EssilorLuxottica

Wednesday April 14, 2021 2:00pm - 2:45pm CDT
Room 1, Third Floor

2:00pm CDT

Trailblazer Panel: What Happened on the Way to the C-Suite and What’s Next
Hear the stories of three women in tech trailblazers, what they are doing now, and what they see for their futures.  Don't miss this panel of CIO's and CDO's.

avatar for Gertrude G. Van Horn

Gertrude G. Van Horn

SVP & CIO, NCH Corporation
Gertrude G. Van Horn is a Senior Vice President and the Chief Information Officer at NCH Corporation - a $1 B, privately held, global leader in industrial, commercial, and institutional maintenance products and services with locations in more than 50 countries... Read More →
avatar for Chandra Dhandapani

Chandra Dhandapani

Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Global Group President, Valuations & Advisory Services, CBRE
As Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Ms. Dhandapani leads the company’s digital strategy and all aspects of technology globally. Ms. Dhandapani and her team provide the technology capabilities and infrastructure to support CBRE’s clients and professionals across the globe. Since... Read More →
avatar for Valerie Freeman

Valerie Freeman

CEO, BravoTech
Valerie Freeman is the Founder and CEO of a group of specialized companies whose services include staffing, search outsourcing and consulting, operating under the names, Imprimis Group, BravoTech, Freeman+Leonard and ANSERteam. Over the years, the companies have been named to the... Read More →
avatar for Rashmi Jain

Rashmi Jain

Careington International Corporation, CIO
Rashmi Jain joined Careington International Corporation in 1999 and has served as Chief Information Officer since April 2019. Ms. Jain currently oversees information systems & information technology departments for Careington and affiliate companies, DialCare, Careington Benefit Solutions... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 2:00pm - 2:45pm CDT
Junior Ballroom A, Third Floor

2:45pm CDT

Happy 45-Minute Reception and Prize Drawings
End of day reception with drinks, tons of door prizes, networking and last chance for technology demos.  

Wednesday April 14, 2021 2:45pm - 3:30pm CDT
Exhibit Hall B, First Floor

3:30pm CDT

Cloud Transformations: “If I Were To Do it Over Again” - Tips to Avoiding Missteps
Whether you’re running an aggressive, cloud-first strategy or floating along in a multi-tiered infrastructure, each CIO’s cloud journey is a relevant roadmap for everyone in pursuit of the perfect or future proof network (if that is possible). This panel draws on the wisdom and mistakes of technology leaders at various stages of cloud migration.
This panel will exchange views about:
  • How to prioritize security and user performance to align with today’s way of working
  • What are the business risks introduced by cloud transformation
  • How to embrace the full value of public and private cloud
  • Best practices for decreasing the complexity of multi-cloud environments

avatar for Matt Anders

Matt Anders

Head of Integrated Workspace Technology, eBay
avatar for Tony Caesar

Tony Caesar

Head of IT MANA, Ericsson
avatar for A. Ravi Malick

A. Ravi Malick

SVP & CIO, Vistra Energy
avatar for Blake Holman

Blake Holman

Chief Information Officer, BBG, Inc.
Blake Holman is currently Chief Information Officer at BBG, Inc.  Previously Chief Information Officer at St. David’s Foundation in Austin, Texas.Blake has over 30 years of experience leading Information Technology Strategy, Development and Operations for several public and private... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 3:30pm - 4:15pm CDT
Room 1, Third Floor

3:30pm CDT

Career Advocates: Shaping Your Career
Wisdom tells us that no one is going to direct your career but you.
However, having both men and women advocates helping throughout your career journey is critical. Women who feel supported and authentically valued at their work will contribute more to their teams, instill a positive company culture and improve overall business results.

Advocates are dedicated to connecting and inspiring women for the purpose of advancing their careers from the beginning of their career, to mid-career and all the way to the senior level. Advocates make a “space at the table” and not only advocate for the women they are helping, but they also push to hire, retain and advance more diverse talent.

Michelle Morris from Verizon Business Group will be speaking on how advocates and fierce allies helped her:
  • Transition from a career in engineering to customer experience
  • Provide an “engineering” voice and speak up within a marketing organization to promote better ideas
  • Make solid career decisions throughout her lifetime
Join us and discover:
  • What compels someone to fiercely advocate for an employee
  • How to identify your advocates regardless of where you are in your career
  • How to use social media and your network to find hidden advocates and influencers

avatar for Michelle Morris

Michelle Morris

Customer Experience Designer Partner, Verizon Business Group
Michelle is a Customer Experience Design Partner with Verizon Business Group. In this role, she helps Verizon's business customers create better customer experiences for their customers. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) as well as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt... Read More →

Wednesday April 14, 2021 3:30pm - 4:30pm CDT
Junior Ballroom A, Third Floor
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